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It is a accomplished grammatical documentation of Kham, a formerly undescribed language from west-central Nepal, belonging to the Tibeto-Burman language family members. The language has an strange constitution, containing a couple of features which are of rapid relevance to present paintings on linguistic concept, together with cut up ergativity and its demonstrative procedure. Its verb morphology has implications for the certainty of the heritage of the full Tibeto-Burman family members. The booklet, in keeping with vast fieldwork, offers copious examples through the exposition. it is going to be a important source for typologists and common linguists alike.

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Vansittart, writing in 1890, states that: by careful selection, excellent Ghartis can be obtained. The Bhujial Gharti lives in the valleys and high mountains to the north of Gulmi, above the Puns. Their tract of country runs along both sides of the Bhuji Khola (river), from which they probably derive their name. The Bhujial Gharti is generally a shepherd. He lives principally on the milk of sheep, and is almost invariably a man of very good physique and heavy limbs. He is remarkably dirty when first enlisted.

6 ‘trail, road’ ‘to give’ ‘to sell’ ‘worry’ ‘about’ ‘right hand’ Aspiration Aspiration occurs with stops and affricates, but only with the voiceless series /ph/, /th/, /kh/, and /ch/. Aspiration is further restricted to syllable onsets. The absence of a voiced aspirate series /bh/, /dh/, /gh/, and /jh/ is partly a matter of interpretation. This will become more clear in chapter 3 on Tone. For now, it is enough to know that ‘lax phonation,’ a breathy laryngeal quality of the vowel, occurs with voiceless onsets as well as voiced ones.

Most chains mark sequential events, but a few specify different aspects of the same 4 1 The people and their language event. The two types are not morphologically distinct. The differences lie, in part, on the level of ‘juncture’ between the two clauses, and various tests can be devised for teasing them apart. 7 Evidentials Kham lacks most evidential categories found in many Bodic-type languages. There is, however, a ‘mirative’ category and a ‘reportative’ category that covers at least some of the semantic space often associated with the evidential categories of hearsay and inference.

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