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By Michael Perrott, Sharpa Tulku

ISBN-10: 818510266X

ISBN-13: 9788185102665

Includes translations of texts required to accomplish the ritual hearth delivering for peace linked to six meditational deities. This publication talks approximately 13 deities based on the Gelugpa culture of Tibetan Buddhism.

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If there are no hindrances this is not necessary. The Actual Offering of the Materials to be Burned The offering sticks: Then fragrant, thornless, sappy sticks, anointed at the ends with both butter and honey, having a length of twelve finger-widths and the thickness of the little finger, should be offered, either in pairs or individually, with the tips towards the deity. They should be held between the thumb and ring finger in the mudra of Best Bestowing, (while saying), All the offering sticks become of the nature ofBodhi-wood.

Blue Sankapalaka binds the hair, red Tak~aka forms the earrings, Kulika forms the armbands and yellow Hulu-hulu the bracelets. White Lotus forms the necklace and green Karkotaka the brahma thread. Vasuki, coloured like nectar, forms the apron and Mahapadma forms the anklets. These eight Nagas make the sound 'Phat' and their forked tongues garland their poisonous fangs. Inside, in the south-east is white. Carcika, very skinny and fiercely angry, with three faces, white, blue and red. The first pair ofher six hands, holding a curved knife and skull, embraces the father similar to herself.

Like a reflection, the emanation is free of going. Not possessing the definition of coming and going, It appears anywhere, like the moon in water. 42 Ritual Fire Offeringfor Peace The deities who are to be invoked today, Maiijusr1, the wisdom of all the Buddhas, Bhairava Y a man taka, whose purpose is to tame the malignant, Y ama and his retinue, the executant emanations, Please come and abide here out of concern for me. '), at this juncture, say: OI'yi HRII:I HA BHO MAHA KRODHA ... (From the sadhana: ...

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