A Namuyi Tibetan Woman's Journey from Chinese Village to by Li Xiaoqiong (Drolma) PDF

By Li Xiaoqiong (Drolma)

Li Xiaoqiong (Drolma), a Namuyi Tibetan from Liangshan Yi self sustaining Prefecture, Sichuan Province describes her youth; mom and dad; paternal grandmother's adolescence and dying; village existence together with kid's video games, tending horses, and herding yaks; her studies at fundamental institution; a surrogate grandfather; her youngest brother; neighborhood lunar New 12 months festivities; her time at center college together with a different good friend and love letters; her education at Qinghai basic collage in Xining urban; her time in India together with university studies, travels, operating in an NGO, and dealing at a choice heart in Delhi; and her go back to China. additionally incorporated are unique poems, 3 tales via Li Xiaoqiong's grandmother, and images of Li Xiaoqiong's village and of her time in India.

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2011. Li Xiaobao (my brother) climbs one of our family's cherry trees (Li Chunbo). 41 HORSES Before I went to school, Father earned money as a horse trader. He travelled to different places, purchased horses, and then brought them back home. People in surrounding villages came to our home to buy horses. I'm not sure exactly how much he sold the horses for, but I guess it was around 2,000 to 3,000 RMB each. Usually, he sold all the horses but, on some exceptional occasions, he kept a few horses at home, and we got the chance to feed and ride them.

I was very worried about my books. I looked for them everywhere, but found nothing. I was disappointed with myself. Class would start in ten minutes and I needed twenty minutes to walk to school. With an empty bag, I set off running to school. When I arrived at school the bell was ringing. I was late for class and since I didn't have my books, my teacher was really furious and ordered me outside. I tried to explain what had happened, but my words fell on deaf ears. "You are just a naughty girl.

We knocked some off their branches by throwing stones at them. When we were about to collect the apples, two dogs suddenly appeared and began chasing us. Terrified, we ran as 48 fast as we could, having utterly forgotten the apples. We were focused on escaping from the dogs. As soon as we got outside the orchard, it began raining heavily. I heard a loud, "Woof! " behind me. The dogs were still chasing us and getting closer. I lost track of my playmates and ran crazily in the rain without any sense of direction.

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