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By Kenzō Adachi (auth.), Saburou Saitoh, Nakao Hayashi, Masahiro Yamamoto (eds.)

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Analytic Extension is a mysteriously appealing estate of analytic capabilities. With this perspective in brain the comparable survey papers have been accrued from a number of fields in research equivalent to quintessential transforms, reproducing kernels, operator inequalities, Cauchy remodel, partial differential equations, inverse difficulties, Riemann surfaces, Euler-Maclaurin summation formulation, numerous advanced variables, scattering conception, sampling concept, and analytic quantity conception, to call a few.
Audience: Researchers and graduate scholars in advanced research, partial differential equations, analytic quantity thought, operator concept and inverse problems.

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N c C be open and bounded and let K Then the following statements are equivalent. 1. ([8]) Let c n be compact. 55 • (i} The map : (z) for z E

Operator Theory 7 (1984), 441-458. (5] K. Clancey, Hilbert space operators with one-dimensional self-commutator, J. Operator Theory 13 (1985), 265-289. J. Davis, The Schwarz function and its applications, Carus Math. Mono. vol. 17, Math. Assoc. , 1974. (7] B. Gustafsson, Quadrature identities and the Schottky double, Acta Appl. Math. 1 (1983), 209-240. (8] B. Gustafsson and M. Putinar, An exponential transform and regularity of free boundaries in two dimensions, Ann. Sc. Norm. Sup. Pisa, 26 (1998), 507-543.

D Taking instead cp(() =In H((, w)¢(w)dA(w) = (p,¢) (¢ E V(n)). Hence 1 = p as elements in H(n). 7) implies that kz = pkz for z ~ n. 1 is that 1 E H(n) is "carried" by Kin the sense that it has a representative (such asp above) with support inK. The above analytic continuation result may look innocent, but it is indeed powerful. 2. ([15], [8]) If then an is contained in a real analytic variety. n across an, 57 There are examples showing that an may have singular points, of certain specific types.

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